With this Superpower, I’d be Careful What Your Thinking

Categories:Creative Ink

by Brittni May

A college professor once told me, “The world will either love us or hate us, yet they can’t live without us.” It is how we choose to communicate and make others happy that really makes the difference…another #HollerHabit to live by.

This got me to thinking: What if I had a superpower to let me know if the world loved me. I mean wouldn’t that make our life a little easier? I want to make a long and lasting positive impression on others. Whether it is with my internship, job, family, friends or strangers, I want to leave a mark. But as most of you can relate, we want to know what others are really thinking and what impression (if any) we made on them.

So since we don’t have the superpowers to read other people’s thoughts, communication is the key to success. As an intern here, I want to put my own spin on things, so I can leave a lasting impression on Holler Ink and its clients. Tell us what you are really thinking so we can help you succeed and vice versa.

Who knows…maybe you’re thinking that you have the best superpower ever! Go on, tell us your superpower.

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