Twitter What?

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by Brittni May

A couple years ago I was saying “Twitter what?” and today I’m utterly addicted. Initially, I thought of the social media site as another wannabe Facebook. And I was way too confused…tweet, retweet, follow, reply, @ mentions, hash tags, and not to mention the 140 character limit. All of my hesitation is typical of someone who is not an early adopter.

As time went on, I saw how celebrities, athletes, and companies were jumping on the Twitter wagon. So I joined. I first followed big names like Ryan Seacrest and Oprah Winfrey. I began to understand Twitter’s concepts and the site’s massive sharing power. Before I knew it, I loved it.

Today, Twitter is commonplace: We turn on the TV and instantly see a hash tag to follow the trending topic.  For example, American Idol has #idol located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This has not only boosted the reality show’s followers, but also the contestant’s. Idol contender Heejun Han already has over 70,000 followers and the season isn’t even half way through. Even if Han doesn’t win Idol, his Twitter fan base will be a great foundation to launch future music.

As a true Twitter fan, my goal @Hollerink is to reach 1,000 followers during my internship. We promise to be short and sweet, share favorite articles, cool photos, and more. So go ahead…hit that Follow button and retweet and reply! #HollerAtUs

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