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There is power in numbers. Especially when those numbers are people who support, encourage and inspire you. In the past, I’ve benefited from having a “buddy” to work out with or to brainstorm ideas.  It’s a great way to hold yourself and your friends accountable.

More recently, my husband and I began traveling with two other couples. Before each trip, we commit our goals in writing to the other five team members. Should we achieve our goals at the start of our next trip, we get to be “Queen” or “King” for the day. The goals vary from weight loss to writing weekly blogs to calling family members on a regular basis.

When I first heard about this concept, I thought, “I just can’t wait to be queen!” Sadly I didn’t make my goal on our first trip together. Thank goodness because it gave me an opportunity to see what type of things the kings (yes, kings since the ladies did not pull our weight literally and figuratively) requested. I now know that my list of demands would probably not make for a fun vacation.

With only a week and a half to go, I’m tracking and expect to be Queen. Feel free to send suggestions on what I should have my servants…ooops I mean friends…do for me.

Many of us have goals. The key to achieving those goals is to write them down and partner with those who encourage us to do our very best. And if all else fails, bribe yourself with being the queen or king for the day.

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  1. Reply Thad says:

    Awesome. Way to meet your goal for the week. I am a little scared at what you are going to request for your queen of the day!

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