Let Go

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I’m a recovering perfectionist…or as my friends like to say “OCD”. There is much to be said about people who perfect every detail, like they never get anything done.  If we’re so consumed with every nook and cranny, we can lose sight of the big picture, or worse yet not complete anything because we are so scared of failure or frightened of success.

Am I suggesting we create marketing and pr campaigns with errors? Or that care and thought isn’t behind all of our efforts? No, it simply means that if we “let go” and replace perfectionism with compromise and collaboration, we end up with a better product. Not to mention, it gets done!

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  1. Reply Tami Newcomb says:

    All in the name of “Research” –

    I’m a research aficionado (I even just looked up – in a big printed Webster’s dictionary – how to spell aficionado). But I’ve come to realize that my research is a ruse; it’s actually a direct path of resistance. Of course, it’s important to dot I’s and all that business, but if you don’t “git ‘er dun” nobody gets to see your perfectly-dotted i’s. Holler Ink (namely Saretta Holler Brown) has helped me to see this, and many other things, beautifully.

    Congratulations on your site and your blog. Both are fabulous!

    • Reply Saretta says:

      Thanks Tami! Congratulations on completing your book. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to get as much joy from it as I have.

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