For the Love of Clients

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Posted by Brittni May

There is no snooze button when it comes to PR; we have to sleep with one ear open. When you’re receiving emails or phone calls at all hours of the day there is always a surprise in this industry. That is what makes the job that much more exciting.

We're Your Biggest Fan!

We are prepared for all client requests and even being flexible at a moment’s notice. And we do it all for the love of our clients.

Here are some of our Holler Habits that keep us focused and loving our clients:

Commitment: We commit to always be fun, focused and fresh with ideas to improve your company’s publicity and marketing in the coolest way possible.

Communication: Always communicate to make sure we’re getting {insert your favorite fun word here} done and working toward your company goals by being clear, interactive and adaptable.

Accountable: Results don’t always happen overnight but we’re here to see they do happen…even if it means grabbing our pom poms and being your biggest cheerleader.

Send us your favorite Holler Habit and be creative!

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