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I am BIG on birthdays. I can’t get enough of them. So much so, that I like to extend my birthday throughout the entire month of October. Some friends and family like to tease me about it, and they pray October will come and go quickly. It’s not so much that I need people to celebrate “me”; I simply love celebrating. This year, I’ve slowed down on the birthdaypalooza. Perhaps because I want to forget that I am a year older or maybe it’s because I discovered something new this year: Celebrating Wins!

Like most of you, I work long hours. I’m happy to have this marketing and PR business, so when a new client joins our family, we finish a large project, or get a client positive exposure, I’ve always considered it par for the course. Earlier this year, I heard someone speak (forgive me for not remembering his name) and one of his key points was to celebrate our wins. By recognizing our wins and appreciating ourselves, we are then able to fully recognize and appreciate our teams.

So since I’ve been celebrating all year, October will be a little quieter this birthday season.

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