As One Door Closes Another Opens

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By Brittni May

We’ve all been there…whether it was a few hours or the night before a deadline, our brain takes the best of us and we suffer from writer’s block. But I have found that motivation blossoms from the smallest ideas. By starting up my computer, opening a word document and typing, I know another door will open because even if my idea stinks, something better will come out of it.

Recently, on Oprah’s Next Chapter, the talented and very creative Lady Gaga revealed there are dark times for her. She hibernates, waiting until the next door opens and when its time, Gaga knows. Instantly all of those crazy ideas come out to play.

Next time you’re stuck starring at a blank screen, here are tips to help you begin:

  • Remember why you started in the first place and ask who depends on you and what are their needs
  • Jot any ideas down because from there they can turn into something
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself and just write; editing comes later

Your brilliance doesn’t have to come from seclusion like Lady Gaga, but be sure to find your willpower and leverage it for creativity.

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