With a last name like Holler, one is either destined for a lifelong career as a cheerleader or as a communications professional. Since Holler Ink founder – Saretta Holler Brown – isn’t one for polyester miniskirts, she opted for the latter.

Holler Ink gives companies, organizations and individuals a voice. Some express themselves through a paintbrush. Others through song. And yet some make a statement through numbers. Since not all businesses and consumers understand the language of paintbrush, song or numbers, Holler Ink connects these clients to their target markets through creative marketing and pr.

Voicing your brand and making your mark is more than creating a logo. It’s the personality of the company. It’s the look and feel of everything from your business card to your website to your office. It’s the feeling clients get when they work with you. It’s what defines you. At Holler Ink, we do what it takes to build your brand effectively…even if it means grabbing our pom poms and being your biggest cheerleader.